Get Involved

We are a grassroots advocacy organization. Working from the ground up, Action Committees form to rally support, focus on specific interests and work to bring about specific changes in programs, policies and practices. These action committees can call upon the advocacy organization as a whole for support. Specifically, our Support Committees provide data, marketing, promotion, legal, financial and other help to the Action Committees.

Action Committees

Action Committees form quickly as issues arise and disband as issues are resolved, or they can be ongoing. Not everyone in our organization agrees on issues, but we do agree on our mission, vision and are committed to working together for better Huntsville City Schools. Action Committees allow for more focused individuals to devote time and energy to the issues they are passionate and leverage the resources of the advocacy organization.

What are the Action Committees? You decide! If you are concerned about a specific issue in the Huntsville City School system start or look to help on an Action Committee. Here are some already in place:

  • Testing
  • Textbooks and Digital 1:1
  • Discipline and the BLG
  • Special Ed
  • Gifted
  • Parent Resources

Support Committees

Support Committees provide messaging, contacts, resources, information and data to the Action Committees along with outreach and original content supporting the organization’s mission.

  • Communications, Marketing and Branding – Oversee marketing, website, email marketing – Presents the advocacy group’s story to the public.
  • Teacher / Staff support
  • Political Awareness / Voter Engagement
  • Liaison – Coordinates with other groups (NAACP, AEA, HEA, HEAL, etc) to leverage scope and influence
  • Legislative and Legal
  • Research and Data