Huntsville Election and Voter Information

NOTE: 8/23/16 – The Huntsville citizens in District 1 elected Michelle Watkins and in District 5 Pam Hill was elected. They’ll take their Board of Education seats in October. We’ll be updating this post in a few days with final numbers.


August 23, 2016 is an important day for the City of Huntsville – it is the next municipal election date. It is your chance to make a difference in your own community. Candidates for Mayor, City Council, and the Huntsville City School Board will all be on the ballot. Every vote counts and can be the difference for our city.

Check back regularly as we provide updated information to Huntsville voters and share opportunities for you to become involved and make your voice heard. If you’re involved with a campaign and would like to update any listed information or engage with Huntsville United, please let us know – [email protected]

Who are the candidates?

This is the list of candidates who have qualified for the Huntsville City elections.


District 1 School Board

District 1 City Council

District 5 School Board

District 5 City Council

  • Will Culver
  • Thad Clarke
  • Jacob Kristopher Anders
  • John Meredith

Getting Registered

The last day to register to vote for the Municipal General Election is August 8th. Paper forms can be downloaded and mailed:

Even easier, Alabama now has an online voter registration form:

What is my District?

District lines are different for municipal elections and state elections. Easiest way to find your local elected officials and know your voting district is to plug in your address to this online tool:

Where do I Vote?

Polling locations change. Know where to show up to vote!

Getting Involved

Voting is the most important way to get involved! Candidates do appreciate additional support during their runs in the way of campaign contributions, knocking on doors, social media endorsements, signs in yards, etc.

Campaign Contributions

All contributions are public record and filed monthly or weekly with the probate judge in Madison County. Any campaign contribution $100 or more must be submitted with a name and address of the contributor. Any contribution $99 or less can be done anonymously. Let your candidate know if you do not want to be identified for your contribution (when less than $100). Some candidates list the names of all contributions large or small. Campaign records (contributions and expenditures) are public records and can be searched online. Do not let that scare you, though, candidates need money to run successful campaigns.

Feet on the Ground

Candidates need supporters to show up at events and knock on doors. Numbers speak volumes. Volunteer to help a candidate get his/her message out to the public. Most have contact information on their Facebook pages or websites.

Attend an Event

Numerous candidate forums will be held after qualifications. Make a point to attend at least one. Research who is hosting the forum. The hosting group will often times slant the questions or develop a format that is aimed at supporting a particular candidate. Look for the forum that has the most non-biased host to really learn about the candidates.

Yard Signs

All candidates have yard signs – if you are willing to put one in your yard, it is always appreciated! Consider a small donation to help cover the cost of the sign. Some candidates may prefer to keep signs within their district lines to maximize reach to their voters. Know the rules about sign placements before offering to help drop-off or pick-up signs close to the election. Huntsville has a full-time employee that picks up signs that are in violation of the city ordinances. If you have a yard sign, place it on the house side of any sidewalk. Signs on public streets are typically safe Friday night to Sunday night. You must have permission from the landowner to place a sign on private property.

Huntsville City Schools Board of Education Reboot

Board of Education: Reboot

Unlike a computer, rebooting an organization, making necessary changes to move forward and toward a new beginning is a process.

School Board Campaign Finance Tracker – Updated 8/23

Convenient public access to the required Campaign Finance Disclosure forms empowers community oversight.