Citizen Comment – Eddgra Fallin – July 21, 2016

Good evening,

Everything I know about the democratic process I learned in the 9th grade at Chapman Middle School.

One of the first things I learned is the majority rules. That said, the only people who want to change the name of J.O. Johnson High School are Col. Wardynski and BOE President Laurie McCaulley.

I also learned how to count thanks to Huntsville City Schools, and by my count that’s two people. A petition with over 1000 names, a march of over 300 people, the J.O.Johnson family and others, want the name as their name in the same way Grissom and Lee got to keep theirs.

I find it ironic the Board of Education want to keep the mascot and the colors but not the name.

The Board of Education violated policy 2.9 Selection of school, facility and or property name, which make the current name invalid. Tonight the Behavioral Learning Guide was discussed, which outlines specific consequences for students who break the rules.

How does it look when those who make the rules, break the rules?

It was reported in the media this Board of Education has never told this superintendent “no.” I am here to gently remind you that you work for the people. I am begging you to give the people what they want and let Johnson High School keep its name, and its legacy.